MAQUET – San Jose, California

MAQUET Cardiac Surgery
170 Baytech Drive
San Jose, CA 95134
Phone: 1-888-880-2874
E-mail: cssurgery[at]

Innovation and Technology Center
San Jose, CA has long been known for scientific invention, and has a reputation for cultivating talented employee resources that deliver top notch R&D and product development results.  For this reason, MAQUET is maintaining a significant presence here in the U.S. as an adjunct to the European centers.  This location is the hub for fostering creative thinking and future clinical therapy ideas; it is also a starting point for seeking out relationships and technology advancements that support the MAQUET goal to set new standards for Gold Standard product leadership.

Employee total:
Around 100


  • Product Development
  • Sustaining Engineering
  • Machine Shop
  • Marketing
  • International Sales
  • Customer Service