Maquet and the Getinge Group Core Values

  • Our organization’s guiding principles, the four core values, defines our culture and long-standing beliefs.
  • Our corporate culture is based on these beliefs and serves as the way our employees do things.
  • Our values bring out the best in our people, establishing high standards for excellence, creating an environment for success, applauding achievements, and placing a premium on collaboration.
  • Our values translate into our culture of motivated employees, loyalty and a strong conduct which is focused on performance.

Our four core values

Because proud, committed employees deliver quality, and proud employees perform even better on behalf of customers and other stakeholders.

Statements made by our employees on Pride:
"Good people working together can accomplish anything they set out to do."
"Everyday we save lives and make the world a safer place to live through our people and products."
"Our passionate awareness of something we represent that we feel will benefit others."

Because trust is based on openness, and everyone within GETINGE GROUP must be able to take individual responsibility for their actions as GETINGE / MAQUET employees.

Statements made by our employees on Openness:
"We live up to our promises."
"We always think with honesty, self confidence and integrity, and with the best of our knowledge."
"Passionately transparent in all that we do for our customers, employees and stakeholders, and the community in which we live."

Because the GETINGE GROUP / MAQUET strives to contribute to the establishing of a sustainable society.

Statements made by our employees on Sustainability:
"We are focused on investing in our people in order to provide a constantly evolving and sustainable workplace, which you will be proud to take with you out to the world."
"All of our actions ensure our collective future."

Because all customers, employees and other stakeholders must be able to feel totally confident in their respective relationships with the GETINGE GROUP and MAQUET.

Statements made by our employees on Confidence:
"We have the ability to make the right decisions"
"We have a well experienced workforce that has been cross trained in many jobs know our products inside and out."
"We are confident in our ability to build quality products and innovate new products based on vast experiences gained over many years of being in business."